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A NYC Vein Treatment Center Case Study – How One Patient’s Life Changed After She Had Her Varicose Veins Treated


vein treatment centerAt our Manhattan vein treatment center, we are often asked by patients how varicose vein removal will actually benefit them, and what it will do to improve their lives. It is difficult to provide a universal answer, because of course every patient is different, and the ways that vein disease has affected their lives are also different. Some patients may feel that their varicose veins impact their lives very little, while others suffer from nearly constant discomfort, swelling, emotional distress, and limitations on their lifestyles. So when trying to explain how seeking vein treatment in NYC can help, sometimes it’s best to use an example.

Case Study: Jane’s experience with our NYC vein treatment center

When Jane first sought treatment from NYCVA, she had already been living with varicose veins for several years. For much of that time she tried to ignore them, and covered them up with long pants and dark stockings. But more recently she had begun to notice considerable swelling in her legs that caused her enough pain that she could no longer play sports with her family or even walk her dog. This was the point at which she realized that her varicose veins were not merely a cosmetic problem, and that they were keeping her from enjoying many of the things she loved most, so she made an appointment with NYCVA.

After a thorough examination, we recommended EVLT

Our experienced Manhattan vein specialists analyzed Jane’s condition, and because the affected veins were too large and the disease was too advanced to be treated with conservative treatments like compression stockings, we recommended removal of the diseased veins using endovenous laser ablation. Also known as EVLT (for endovenous laser therapy), this minimally-invasive procedure closes problem veins with the use of heat from a tiny laser inserted into the veins themselves. The procedure is so safe that it was performed in our offices, and so gentle that Jane was able to return to her life the same day.

Jane noticed benefits almost immediately

The first thing she noticed was that within a few days the swollen veins on her legs began to disappear, so the appearance of her legs was tremendously improved. She also noticed that the swelling in her legs went away, and that she no longer felt fatigued and in pain all the time. Within a few weeks the last traces of the varicose veins had disappeared, leaving her with not only renewed confidence in her appearance, but with the energy to play sports and do the things she hadn’t been able to do for months. Now she describes her life after varicose vein treatment as feeling as if she’s been given “a new chance at life.”

As we said earlier, every case of varicose veins and vein disease is different, but if your experience of trying to live with varicose veins echoes Jane’s at the start of this article and is starting to impact your lifestyle, it’s time for you to stop trying to ignore your varicose veins and instead do something about them. Give our vein treatment center a call at 646-233-1838 or go online to schedule, and we’ll be happy to help.


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