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One of the Best Sleep Centers in NYC Gives Tips On How To Get a Better Night’s Sleep When the Weather Is Hot


Getting a good night’s sleep is often hard enough when conditions are perfect for sleeping – in a cool, dark, quiet, well-ventilated room where you feel comfortable and relaxed. But when the weather gets really hot, it can become even harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. So here are a few tips from the our sleep specialists at one of the best sleep centers in NYC that can help so that when the temperature goes up it doesn’t keep you sleep centers in NYC

Eight tips for sleeping better in hot weather from one of the best sleep centers in NYC

  1. Go cotton. Save the silk or satin for romantic evenings. Light, breathable cotton sheets will keep you much cooler, and most people find that wearing light cotton pajamas keep you cooler than sleeping naked because they wick perspiration away from your body.
  2. Buy a fan and use it. Pointing the fan out the window will suck hot air out of the room, and for many people the “white noise” created by the fan itself is relaxing and helps to cover noises in the environment.
  3. Use icepacks to cool down. That hot water bottle you bought last winter can be frozen and serve as a handy ice pack during the next heat wave.
  4. Take a tepid shower before bedtime. Interestingly enough, cold water raises your temperature, so stick with water close to body temperature.
  5. If it’s really hot, sleep in wet socks or a wet T-shirt. The heat of your body will cause the water to evaporate, producing a cooling effect.
  6. Consider sleeping alone. Cuddling is nice when it’s cold out, but two bodies sharing a bed when it’s hot can mean that neither person gets any sleep.
  7. Don’t exercise before bedtime. Give your body time to settle down and relax before you go to bed, and it’ll stay cooler and allow you to sleep better.
  8. Flip your pillow. If you wake up due to the heat in the middle of the night, flip your pillow over to the cool side. It’ll help you to get back to sleep.

And if your sleeplessness continues after the weather cools down, call us

Sleep disorders and the long-term effects of sleep deprivation can ruin your life and your health, so don’t allow them to. Give us a call at our Manhattan sleep center at 646-233-1838 or go online and we’ll offer more tips to help you to get the quality sleep you need.

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