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One of the Best Sleep Centers in NYC Explains How to Cope With Excessive Sleepiness


The professionals at one of the best sleep centers in NYC ask, “best sleep centers in NYCDo you often feel sleepy during the day?” If so, you’re not alone – studies from the National Sleep Foundation indicate that the daily activities of 45% of Americans are impaired by poor or insufficient sleep at least once a week. Think about that statistic for a moment – nearly half of the people you see around you every day suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. People are so tired it’s a wonder they ever get anything done, and that’s ignoring the health problems caused by poor sleep such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

What causes excessive daytime sleepiness?

Interestingly, about half of this chronic sleep deprivation is caused by poor sleep quantity. Americans tend to work overly long hours, getting up early to squeeze more hours into their work days, and then they stay up late partying or watching TV. The result is that many people consciously limit themselves to six hours of sleep when medical science has proven they need seven to eight hours.

But at one of the best sleep centers in NYC, complaints of daytime sleepiness also come from people who regularly get eight hours of sleep per night, as a result of poor sleep quality. These people get what is considered “enough sleep,” but they’re still tired because they’re getting “poor sleep.” Many who experience this suffer from bona fide sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, or insomnia.

So what should you do if you often experience daytime sleepiness?

The first thing you should do is realize that you have a real medical problem, one that can seriously affect your physical and mental health. You can try to mask the sleepiness through caffeine and stimulants, but that really only compounds the problem. So your best course of action is to visit the NYC sleep specialists at New York Sleep-Wake Center and allow them to 1) determine the cause of your sleepiness, and 2) work with you to help you sleep longer, and better.

When you see our NYC sleep doctors, they will ask you a number of questions about your sleep habits and possibly schedule a sleep study to find out if you have a sleep disorder or poor habits that are harming your health. If they find that you have a sleep disorder, they can help to eliminate it, and if you’ve just developed bad sleep habits, they can help you overcome them, too. So get better sleep tonight – and for the rest of your life – by calling one of the best sleep centers in NYC at 646-233-1838 or going online to schedule your appointment today.

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