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NYC Sleep Specialists: If You Wake Up With Aches and Pains, Do You Need a Sleep Study?


NYC sleep specialistsAs NYC sleep specialists, we know that sleep is supposed to rejuvenate us, help us overcome the stresses of the day, and enable us to wake up feeling rested and refreshed. But every so often that doesn’t happen, and we wake up with aches and pains we didn’t really notice when we went to sleep. What’s up with that?

Well, sometimes waking up with neck pains can mean that you just “slept wrong,” or if you’re traveling, that you slept on a pillow that was different than your usual one. Waking up with occasional back pain can similarly be the fault of a different mattress if you’re traveling, or an aging mattress if you’re at home.

But these are explanations for occasional aches and pains upon waking. If it’s happening more often – several times a week or more – “morning pain” might be an indication that you need to see a doctor or sleep specialist.

If this problem affects you, see your regular doctor first

Waking up with body aches and stiffness can be an indication of certain diseases, such as fibromyalgia. So your first visit should be to your General Practitioner, to rule that out. If he or she finds nothing systemically wrong, and the morning aches and pains continue, then you should consider a visit to one of the best sleep centers in NYC.

What can a sleep center do for me that my regular doctor can’t?

Well, first, we specialize in sleep and finding out what is preventing people from getting the quality rest they need. So often our trained NYC sleep specialists may be able to determine the cause of your “morning pain” just by asking you a number of questions about your sleep habits and patterns.

If we can’t determine the problem through questions and answers, a more in-depth sleep study can often discover problems in the way that you sleep that can cause stress to build up during the night and manifest in morning aches and pains. For example, you could be twisting your body into odd positions as you sleep, positions that put strain on your neck and back and cause you to wake up in pain. Sometimes “morning pain” is linked to actual sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, which prevents you getting sufficient oxygen when you sleep.

Whatever the cause, whether the experts at New York Sleep-Wake Center find that you have a minor problem caused by poor sleep habits or a more serious issue caused by an actual sleep disorder, they can help you eliminate the problem and get the rest you need, so you can start waking up refreshed again. So get proactive about getting better sleep by giving our NYC sleep specialists a call at 646-233-1838 or go online to schedule.  You’ll be glad you did!

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