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Manhattan Vein Treatment Specialists Present Ten Little-Known Facts about Vein Disease


Manhattan vein treatmentAs Manhattan vein treatment specialists, we have to deal every day with the many misconceptions that people have about vein disease. Some of them are the result of misinformation left over from past eras and still spread as if it were true. Some of it is new, false information being spread on the Internet. But all of this misinformation makes it difficult for people to learn real facts about vein disease, so in this article we’d like to present a few of those facts, to set the record straight.

10 facts about vein disease that all New York residents need to be aware of

  1. Many people think vein disease is rare. This is not true; over 50% of people over the age of 50 have some form of vein disease. This makes it one of the most widespread health issues in America.
  2. Contrary to what your mother may have told you, you don’t have to “just live with” varicose veins. They can be eliminated permanently, using procedures that are fast, pain-free, and effective.
  3. Also contrary to things you might have heard, once varicose veins have been removed using modern techniques, they don’t “come back.”
  4. Varicose veins and spider veins are often visible and thus easy to detect. But one of the things that makes vein disease so dangerous is that many of its forms – some of them life-threatening – have no visible symptoms at all, and can only be diagnosed by doctors using specialized diagnostic equipment.
  5. Three of the most dangerous pieces of misinformation about varicose veins are that they’re “not really serious,” that they pose no real health risk, and that they are just a “cosmetic problem.” None of these supposed “facts” are true.
  6. Varicose veins are most often caused by a condition called chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), which causes blood to pool up in the veins of your legs, impairing your circulation and your immune system. CVI also greatly increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, and diabetes.
  7. As dangerous as CVI can be, another venous disorder known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is far more dangerous because it causes blood clots to form in the deep veins of your legs. These clots can cause a pulmonary embolism or a stroke, both potentially fatal.
  8. Some risk factors for vein disease like your genetic history and your gender you can’t do anything about. But other risk factors like smoking, obesity, and inactivity are within your control. If you see a vein doctor and follow his or her suggestions, you can significantly lower your risk.
  9. Diagnosis of vein problems is fast, painless, and non-invasive. Technologies such as ultrasound allow NYC varicose vein treatment experts to look below the surface of your skin to detect disease. If it is detected, ultrasound allows your doctors to treat it using minimally-invasive procedures that don’t require hospitals.
  10. Last, and possibly most important – most people who have vein disease don’t know it, and thus are at danger of it getting worse. There is no reason why this should be true, because vein problems can be detected in a one-hour screening.

If these facts increase your concern about vein disease, good

You are wise to be concerned. But don’t worry about it – do something about it. You can do this by picking up the phone and calling our Manhattan vein treatment specialists at 646-233-1838 or go online to schedule. It’s your first step towards better vein health.


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