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Cardiac Procedures
Radial Artery Approach

About the procedure

Radial artery approach is a method of inserting a catheter into the heart, to allow for an angioplasty (a balloon inflated inside a narrowed artery to open the artery) or a stent (a mesh-like scaffold placed inside a narrowed artery to open it). With the radial artery approach, the catheter is inserted into the radial artery in your wrist, and then guided to your heart.

Why it’s done

Having heart issues? Your cardiac surgeon may use the radial artery approach for catheterization before an angioplasty or stent placement as an effective, minimally invasive method for catheter insertion.

What to expect

Preparation: Your doctor will tell you how to prepare for the procedure. You will likely be asked not to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before the procedure.

During: This procedure is minimally invasive. You will be given an anesthetic. Your cardiac surgeon will insert a catheter into your radial artery and guide it to your heart.

After: After a short rest and recovery period, you can leave the office and go home.

Getting the best cardiac care

New York Cardiovascular Associates’ top cardiac surgeons and cardiologists are highly experienced in providing advanced procedures like radial artery access. We give you complete cardiac care before, during, and after the procedure to ensure optimal results.

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