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Cardiac Procedures
Cardiac Catheterization, Angioplasty, and Stenting

About the procedure

Cardiac catheterization is used to diagnose and treat a variety of heart, vein, and arterial conditions. During this procedure, a long thin tube called a catheter is inserted into an artery in your neck, arm, or groin, and then guided to your heart. Your cardiologist can then use this catheter to perform tests or treatments.

One heart disease treatment delivered with cardiac catheterization is angioplasty. Angioplasty is used to open narrowed or blocked arteries in the heart. With angioplasty, a balloon is attached to the catheter. Once the balloon is in place inside the narrowed or blocked artery, it is inflated. This compresses the plaque buildup inside the artery and improves blood flow.
During angioplasty, you may also have a stent placed in an artery. Stenting is used to treat narrow or weakened arteries. The stent is a small, mesh-like tube. Once the stent is placed inside the problem artery it acts as a scaffold to hold the artery open and improve blood flow.

Why it’s done

Your cardiologist may recommend cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, and/or stenting if you have restricted blood flow to your heart. These procedures help to diagnose the cause of symptoms, improve blood flow, and open narrowed, blocked, or weakened arteries.

What to expect

Preparation: Your doctor will tell you how to prepare for your procedure. In most cases, no special preparation is needed.

During: Cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, and stenting are minimally invasive procedures. You will be given an anesthetic. During the procedure, your cardiac surgeon will insert a catheter into an artery in your neck, arm, or groin and then guide it to your heart.

After: After a short rest and recovery period, you can leave the office and go home.

Getting the best cardiac care

At New York Cardiovascular Associates, our top cardiac surgeons use minimally invasive techniques to perform cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, and stenting. Our experience, skill, and comprehensive approach to care ensure that you will receive the best heart disease treatment possible and enjoy an increased quality of life.

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