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Arterial Disease
Medical Management

At New York Cardiovascular Associates, medical management of arterial disease centers around the treatment of plaque buildup and hardening of the arteries. Our physician experts in arterial disease will devise a management plan to meet your signs, symptoms, and health goals. This may include treatment for:

• Hypertension—You doctor may recommend weight loss, exercise, and/or medications such as diuretics, adrenaline blockers, calcium channel blockers, and blockers of chemicals secreted by the kidney.

• Diabetes—Diet, exercise, and insulin therapy are common therapies our doctors may use to help you manage your diabetes.

• High Cholesterol—Your doctor may recommend weight loss, diet, medications, and/or omega-3 acids (fish oils) to help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

• Obesity—Dieting, and in some cases medications or bariatric surgery, are common approaches our doctors recommend to promote weight loss.

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